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What are the benefits to the Moreta Method?

Boost your overall physical fitness, improve your sense of balance and stability, and find a healthier way of living..
More acute muscular control is achieved through muscle toning. Increased muscle tone means more control which allows for greater activation of the muscle groups with each repetition. Greater control of your movements also reduces risk of injuries.

“The Moreta Method focusses on maximum muscle toning and strengthening of the body to ensure optimal performance and reduces risk of long term injuries by correcting negative posture behaviors.”.

Improve and reduce injuries, whether these are a result from work or a sports injury. Our extensive experience yields verifiable results in which our clients have dramatically reduced their number of needed physiotherapy sessions after taking part in the Moreta Method.
Exercising in the proper manner enhances performance by focusing on the precision of movements and balance. It will also help to prolong your physical fitness for as long as possible
  • The Moreta Method has helped to improve the quality of life of countless clients suffering back pain and spinal injuries, such as herniated discs and scoliosis.
  • The Moreta Method aids in the recovery of:
    • Knee injuries: lMeniscus lesions, ligaments and chondromalacia/span>
    • Shoulder injuries: supraspinatus tendinitis, tendinosis and dislocations
    • Ankle injuries: : sprains and fractures
    • Hip injuries: Trochanteritis, prosthetics, and PSOAS overload
  • Athlete related osteopathy or muscle overload (football players, runners, paddle players etc.)

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